Sunday, January 23, 2011

First Time Around

That first night was a long one, of course.  Above all, I wanted Daxton comfortable and as pain-free as possible.  Thankfully, we had an awesome nurse, Bret, who was willing to accommodate my hyper-on-five mentality all through the night shift.  Bret kept his pockets full of meds - one with pain meds and the other with Versed (I made sure everyone who came in our room knew that Versed had a capital "V" as far as Daxton was concerned.)  All I had to say was, "Bret, he's acting agitated," and the next needed dose would be given.

A couple of days after the initial incident, Daxton surprised everyone by breathing "over the vent," meaning he was basically breathing on his own and the (very scary) decision was made to extubate him.  By taking him off the ventilator, we were asking Daxton to "declare" himself, to show whether or not he was going to fight to live.  They turned of the Versed (Aaaaaahhhh!) and took out the tube.  After holding my breath for a while, I realized that Daxton was not holding his.  He was doing great, something that was unthinkable just a couple days earlier.

A short while later, we were able to start giving Daxton some breast milk through the NG tube in his nose.  That made me feel a lot better because I knew he had to be starving.  Slowly we upped the amount he was getting and eventually he was given the chance to show that he could coordinate the suck-swallow-breathe pattern necessary to eat, so the tube came out.  That was another relief because he loved to get his finger right into the little space that wasn't taped down and try to pull that tube right out.  He almost succeeded a few times!  I can't even tell you what I was feeling as I was allowed to hold and feed Daxton again.  Sure, he was still hooked up to monitors and tubes and all that, but I could cuddle and kiss him again - cords and all!

In momma's arms again, at last!

 This is to prove that I let Trent hold Daxton once in a while too!

Finally, the day after Thanksgiving, we were allowed to go home.  Upon release, the doctor said that they wouldn't be surprised to see us back for a brain shunt, but that Daxton had way exceeded everyone's expectations for him.  And, the credit was all being given to the power of prayer and the grace of God.  There is really no other logical explanation.

So, we went home a little more mindful of every baby movement, noise, and gaze.  OK, a lot more mindful.  But, very grateful that the car seat which had sat empty in the corner of the PICU room for nine days was now cradling our sweet little one home.  We worship a God of miracles who still shows that wondrous power in our day!  Praise Him!

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