Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shunt Buddies

When I started this blog, I vaguely remember NOT promising regular or timely updates.  In order to keep that promise, I have been very neglectful lately.  ;)  I'll work on that. :)

Way back in February, we were at a neurosurgeon appointment with Daxton.  A cute young couple with a baby came in so of course we started swapping stories.  Turns out their little guy has a medical history similar to Daxton's.  Thankfully, this baby's mom (I didn't ask permission to use their names) was smart enough to leave contact info with the office staff so we could keep in touch.  We have, and it has been great to share stories with another family with some of the same experiences.  Then in May, when they were back in town for another appointment, we got our little boys together.  Trent was working so we met at the fire station, and since this baby's dad is a firefighter too, it was fitting.

Those two adorable shunt babies were SO cute together!  Daxton was a little shy at first, but he warmed up pretty quick and started "chatting" with his new friend.  Thankfully (again) this baby's mom was also smart enough to bring a camera so we were able to capture the Kodak moments to share.
OK, this one is actually from my cell phone.  Yay, me, for taking a picture!  Daxton is using is sock as a telescope.  You can really see the shunts in this pic.

Checking each other out at the beginning.  Daxton's shunt is over-draining; the other one is under-draining - can you tell?  Poor flat-head Daxton!

Fingers ALWAYS in the mouth!!

That tuft of hair naturally grows longer over his shunt.  So dang cute!!

Daxton deep in conversation while big sis listens in.

Shunt buddies.
Best of luck to this sweet family.  Hopefully these little guys will stay this happy and healthy!


  1. OH finally! I checked often but don't want to nag you for updates! Look at him just smiling...and so aware. He looks perfect! I'm so glad that you have someone to talk to about all this.
    Thanks for taking the time to share....
    we love you guys and miss you terribly!

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