Saturday, July 30, 2011

Celebrity - sort of ;)

     Daxton had surgery last week to remove his adenoids.  They were blocking his airway by about 90 percent.  We are hoping this will help his breathing become easier in order to maybe help his bottle-feeding become easier too.  So far - no such luck.  His eating has gotten worse.  In fact, he refuses the bottle completely now.  But, he is still technically in the post-op period, so hopefully things will get better.  And, he will chew on peaches and avocados from one of those genius fresh-food-feeder thingies.  (This morning he had pancakes with his peaches!)  So, hopefully solid foods will become more and more enticing and we can ditch the bottle in a few months anyway.
   As a fun side note, we had a furry visitor while spending the night at UMC.  Those of you who know me know that I am not exactly a dog lover, but when they (meaning dog owner, camera crew, and reporters) brought this big Golden Retriever into our room to visit Daxton's roommate as part of a story about pet therapy, I couldn't resist the invitation to let Daxton check out the dog too.  Apparently something about the sick baby/nice doggy combo triggered a crazy amount of camera clicking.  Legal people came in, we signed some release papers, and voila... 
 we got our picture in the paper! 
Hopefully I'm not breaking any copyright laws by posting this picture.  What?  You think I actually read all those releases I signed? ;)

Daxton loved the dog, and, even though I'm still not rushing out to get a pet of our own I do think the whole pet therapy thing is great for patients of all ages. 

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  1. oh come on, admit it. you guys would LOVE a dog. ;) haha, cute picture!!!

    I'm glad the adenoids are out and hopefully helping things. maybe daxton is just too mature for a bottle or something. :) cute baby.

    love you guys.